Weekend Retreats

​Our Next Retreat Will be in August 2020

What a retreat is like:

​These retreats are open to all adults who want a space to play and create, while at the same time exploring profound Buddhist teachings and connecting with a loving community. Over the course of the ​weekend there will be art, meditations, teachings, nature walks, discussions, a fire puja (a Buddhist ritual for cleansing negative energy) music, laughter and relaxed time to just be. This is a time to disconnect from technology and take a break from our busy lives. We encourage you to leave all work and outside pressures behind, and treat yourself to a rejuvenating weekend!


For every retreat we choose a theme to focus on in order to gain the most from our limited time. In August 2020 our theme will be Patience​. ​This theme is the third in our series covering what are called the 6 perfections, guidelines for living a life in service, not only to ourselves, but to all living beings. Don’t worry if you missed our first two retreats, you will not need to have attended them to enjoy this retreat!

​Who attends these retreats:

We strive to make these retreats welcoming and accessible to everyone! There is no need to have any meditation experience, or art expertise. Our courses are designed to ​present profound Buddhist ideas in a way that is easy to understand and applicable to everyday life. Our art projects are ​intended as a method to connect more deeply with the theme​ and not a test of artistic ​talents; even those who describe themselves as "not creative at all" have found enjoyment and meaning in our projects.

​How long are they:

​Our weekend retreats begin on Friday afternoon at 4pm and run through Sunday afternoon at 2pm.

How much does it cost, and what is included:

The price of the retreat varies depending on your choice of accommodation​. We offer a range of options, from tent camping to private rooms. Also included in your stay are all meals, delicious vegetarian ​food prepared fresh, all supplies and instructions for art projects related to the theme, meditations and talks given by world-renowned Buddhist teachers, facilitated group discussions and much more! It is our strong wish that finances not be a barrier to the dharma, so please contact us with any concerns.


​Held at the picturesque Land of Medicine Buddha which is an active Buddhist retreat center tucked away on 108 acres of the coastal foothills near Santa Cruz. It’s the perfect place to unplug and enjoy being in nature! Delicious vegetarian meals will be provided, as well as accommodation ranging from tent camping to a private room. Land of Medicine Buddha has beautiful nature trails as well as a relaxing pool and spa area to help you unwind.

Past Retreats​

Meditation and Art Retreat: Introduction to Buddhism

August 9th-11TH 2019

Karma is the force of cause and effect: all actions, positive, negative and neutral, have an affect of the same. So, if we do something kind and generous, we will, at some point, experience kindness and generosity in return. However, if we act with anger and cruelty, we will experience the same back. This is not a judgment, there is no all powerful being doling our punishment and reward, it is simply the natural way phenomena occur, similar to gravity. During this retreat we will discuss different ways of living a life in accordance to values of loving kindness and compassion.

Mindfulness and Generosity Retreat

​August 2018

Generosity is the idea that by giving to others whatever they need —whether it is a material object, protection or simply helpful advice —without the expectation of something in return, we are cultivation the open-handed and open-hearted attitude that is the essence of a worthwhile life.

​I attended Dharma Camps' Mindfulness and Generosity Retreat and wished I never had to leave! It was so well-organized and Terresa and Anna are fabulous leaders. It was perfect for a new-to-Buddhism attendee like me. There was art, meditation, ritual, teaching, hiking, and fun! Land of Medicine Buddha is a beautiful location with yummy food. The experience was so powerful for me in terms of self-care and plugging back in to spiritual practice.  Highly recommend it!

Amy Allen

Retreat participant 2018