Heart Art

A time to reflect and tap into creativity

Heart Arts will return in 2019

What a session is like:

Heart Art is an afternoon hosted by one of our participants in their home, and in this 4-hour session we sure pack in a lot! We begin each event with introductions and setting our intention for the afternoon. Following that we have a teaching on whatever that month’s theme is lead by our spiritual director, Jon Landaw. He concludes his talk with a guided meditation to help us really connect with the subject. After a short break, it’s time to get messy! We provide all the materials needed for youbto create an art project related to the theme of the month. This is a time to play and enjoy tapping into your inner child and creativity; it is also a time to look inwards and allow the process of doing art to help express feelings and emotions that may otherwise not come to the surface.  The goal is not to create a masterpiece (although you will be amazed at the beauty you can create when you let go) it is to have fun and express yourself. ​In each session we also include a process, such as journaling,​ to help connec​t with our deeper self as well as with the theme​. We ​round out the afternoon with a closing circle, in which everyone has an opportunity to get some positive feedback on the piece they have created, share their inspiration and, as a group, to dedicate positive energy. Looking forward to seeing you at the next one!

When are they:

Heart Art is on the first Saturday of every month, that’s right every month!! ​However, we are taking a sibatical until the new year to revamp our program. Look for us in 2019!

Heart Art for November and December are canceled


For each session we pick a theme, in order to focus our energy and get the most out of it. Right now our they have been decided on in a very organic fashion, so it is hard to say what our future themes will be. But here are some past ones to give you an idea:

~Buddha nature—exploring the idea that within each of us is the potential to become completely enlightened. Whatever faults we have, or think we have, at our very core each of us has the ability for boundless compassion,  and skillful wisdom.

~Bodhichitta: developing a compassionate heart—contemplating how important our intention is for all our actions, and making a conscious effort to develop a motivation for helping others. How great would our world be if everyone was making there best effort to make the world better for all beings and not just themselves?

~Generosity--​Inspired by the success of our retreat we chose to repeat the theme of generosity, which is the idea that by giving to others whatever they need —whether it is a material object, protection or simply helpful advice —without the expectation of something in return, we are cultivation the open-handed and open-hearted attitude that is the essence of a worthwhile life.

~Speaking with Mindfulness​--Looking at the way our speech effects not only ourselves but also those around us, and focusing on how to brake the habits of negative or harmful speech and strengthen and practice positive ways of communicating.


Would you like to attend Heart Art for free? (That’s right, free!!) Consider hosting a session at your house. If you think this might be something that interests you and you want more information, please contact us at, dharmacamps@gmail.com and we will send you all the details of what the requirements and benefits are of hosting. 

​What a marvelous experience, HeartArt at Dharma Camp! I marvel at just how much I did, learned, shared, enjoyed myself together with a group of people I'd only just met! From the initial, warm greeting by the organizers, replete with snacks and cozy introductions, the tone was set for a safe and sure exploration of understanding, experiencing and applying Buddhist Compassion to everyday life, through the medium of art. The leaders set the tone, making for a comfortable environment for us to have fun while we created art literally based on Jon Landaw's impactful Dharma teaching on Bodhicitta. We were touched and we touched one another's hearts, truly., We laughed and cried together, we listened and questioned and considered and shared -- and came together, each in her very own authentic way. What a marvelous experience, one that continues even now, days later, as I continue to read and write in the provided journal and to practice lessons learned. What's the most stars I can give? That number, plus two more, for the creators of this event.

Marlin Potash

​Heart Art​ist​​​