​Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to be Buddhist to attend a Dharma Camps event?

  • No! Our events are open to people of all levels of experience with Buddhism, our goal is to offer a very approachable introduction. People of all faiths are welcome!

​What age are these events for?

  • Unless otherwise specified our events are for adults (or mature teens) ​It is actually camp for adults!

Is Heart Art an art Class?

  • Not really. While we do provide instruction, this is much more about using art as a tool for refelection and introspection, rather than learning techniques. Think art therapy.

Can I attend a retreat in the middle of a series?

  • Of course! We have chosen our retreat themes in a series to provide continuity for those who choose to attend more than one, but each retreat is a complete stand alone event. No need to have attended any previous events to understand or enjoy!

​How can I sign up to hear about future events?

  • We are so glad you are interested! Please email us at dharmacamps@gmail.com to let us know you would like to be on our email list.

Where is Dharma Camps located?

  • We do not have a permanent location (yet) as we host events in people's homes or at different retreat centers. We are based in Santa Cruz, CA and currently hold all our events within the county. (If you would like to host an event and live outside of Santa Cruz, please feel free to contact us!)