Where play meets practice!

We offer Heart Art half-day sessions and 4-day retreats in the Santa Cruz area

Heart Art Afternoons

On the first Saturday of every month we get together to learn more about Buddhist teachings, and use art as a way to tap into our own inner world and creativity, all while connecting with a supportive community! Come meditate, play, learn, share and grow with us!

November and December Heart Art are canceled


Retreats are a fun approachable way to connect with deeply profound Buddhist teachings, and take a break from our busy lives. Through art, discussion and meditation we invite you to grow, express yourself creatively, play and feel supported by like-minded people.

I got much more than I expected at the Heart Art Workshop I attended. I wanted to add more creativity to my life and knowing there would be instruction and materials made it an easy decision.  I really appreciated the loving, non -judgmental, safe space Terresa and Anna created. The reflective jounaling along with making art  with others in a safe space helped me know that I am not alone in my thoughts and worries.  I didn’t know I would bring something home that I could hang on my wall that would feel so meaningful to me.  

Sara Parker
 Heart Artist